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What Batman can teach you about making shit happen

I was watching The Dark Knight Rises the other day.  And while I was slightly disappointed that it didn’t live up to The Dark Knight, there was one scene that really grabbed me.

A scene that perfectly illustrates perseverance and risk taking.

Bane has thrown Batman in the pit prison in the middle of the desert. Batman over and over ties the rope around his waist, scales the wall of the pit, only to fall at the same, impossible leap.

It’s only when he unties the rope, when he is faced to either make the jump or die, that he completes the huge leap and escapes.

When’s the last time you took a risk?

A risk that changed the course of your life?

Most people spend their lives avoiding risk, playing it safe.  The #1 goal of any living thing is to maintain it’s existence.  It’s deeply hard wired in us to not take chances.

How long have you been thinking of moving to that city?  How long have you been thinking of quitting your job?  How long have you wanted to open that restaurant?

Probably a long time.

So why haven’t you?

Most people say because the timing isn’t right.  They’re just waiting for everything to align and then they’ll do it.  But that’s not how things work, so they don’t.

I can’t tell you how many people I know who talked about moving away from home but just never did for one reason or another.

And I understand wanting to have everything perfect before making a change but that’s just so rare.

Sometimes you have to take the leap.

After I graduated college, I knew I wanted to move from Ohio to California with my girlfriend.  One problem though, neither of us had a job lined up.

But we took the leap and bought our plane tickets to leave less than a month after graduation.  And the weird thing is that a week before we were supposed to fly out, I was offered a paid internship.

And I think part of the reason I got the internship is because I was forced to work my ass of on the application and connecting with the right people.  Because the countdown had started and I was weeks away from being across the country with no prospects.  I had lit the match and started the fire under my own ass.

If I hadn’t booked that ticket, I wouldn’t have been as motivated to grab those opportunities.  Because if I didn’t get them, oh well, I could just stay at home another month.

Chances are, your plan b or safety net is actually holding you back from achieving your goals.  It might be time to cut them loose.

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