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When Tomorrow Turns into Next Year

A few weeks after we moved into our new apartment, my girlfriend hung up about 10 empty picture frames on our wall. She then told me it was my job to find and order the pictures to put in them.

“Ok, easy enough, this is one home maintenance project I am capable of” I thought.

A month went by.. and the frames sat empty.

“I should really get to that” I thought. “I’ll do it this weekend.”

Except the weekend came and went and so did many others.

I felt guilty and a little ashamed every time I looked at those empty frames but for some reason I just couldn’t get around to the project.

Eventually I did — but not until 6 months after she had hung them on the wall.

We all do this.

From simple things like home improvements to larger things like working towards our goals.

It feels harmless to just push it off until tomorrow. Until tomorrow turns into next year.

Today you’re going to be​ face​d with​ ​tons of decisions that require action or answers, and you’ll have the choice to take action today or push it off ’till tomorrow.​

Maybe its doing the dishes or the laundry or maybe its calling on a potential customer. You’re going to reallyyyy want to put it off until tomorrow.

Don’t. Pick one thing and just do it today.

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