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How to Optimize Your Mobile Site for More Shares, Leads and Sales

If your website is like most other businesses, your traffic from mobile devices is quickly approaching the amount of traffic you get from desktop visitors.

This trend has been happening for the last few years but we are finally starting to see that some business sites are getting MORE than 50% of their traffic from mobile devices.

Go ahead and check your own stats in Google Analytics right now.

My site gets about 35% of its traffic from mobile.

Most Businesses Are Neglecting Their Mobile Site

YET – how much thought, time or energy have you put into the mobile version of your website? It’s probably close to zero and if it’s not it’s definitely substantially less than the amount of time and energy you’ve put into the desktop version of your site.

But it’s ok, you are not alone. I’m at fault as well.

Even big time bloggers with huge amounts of traffic are neglecting their poor mobile sites.

Analyzing the mobile site of SocialTriggers.com

Take SocialTriggers.com for example which is run by Derek Halpern. Derek is a super smart guy and I highly recommend his blog – but I’m going to dissect his mobile site a little here and show you how it can be improved and how you can improve your mobile site so that it is more user friendly.

When I go to the site on my phone, the first thing I see is a popup. Now, most people say they hate popups, but the data shows that they are very, very effective.

But that’s not the problem, the problem is, I can barely read it.  The text is so small!

Recommendation #1: If you are going to use popups, make sure they look good on mobile as well.  Otherwise they aren’t going to convert.


Make Social Sharing on Mobile EASY for Your Visitors

Derek gets a crazy amount of traffic from Facebook and Twitter and people sharing his articles there.. But it’s kind of difficult to share his posts on mobile.

As you’ll see in this picture, not only are the social sharing icons pretty small, but they’re right next to each other. If I try to click the Facebook button, chances are my big thumb is going to hit the Twitter button by accident.. In which case I might get annoyed or distracted and end up NOT sharing it.

Recommendation #2: Make sure that your social sharing buttons are far enough apart on mobile so that you aren’t losing out on shares.


 There’s Only Room for 1 Column in Mobile

It’s important to keep in mind how people consume your content on their phone. With blogs and content sites, the sidebar is quickly forgotten because we zoom in on the article column so that the text is larger.

On the left you’ll, see how the site looks on the phone when you load the page – but nobody reads your articles like this.


Instead, they read them zoomed in to the content column so that the text is bigger, as shown on the right.

And just like that your sidebar with your email opt-ins and links to other pages are out of sight and out of mind.

Which means that if you are solely or mostly relying on your sidebar to:
– Gain email subscribers
– Promote your own products
– Run adsense ads

That sidebar is being IGNORED by a hefty chunk of your users. Which means less leads and less sales.

Recommendation #3: With a mobile optimized site or responsive design, you can change it so that when the site is being viewed on a smartphone, the sidebar contents is instead displayed underneath the post contents so that it is within the users frame of view.

Wrapping Up..

With more and more web traffic coming from smartphones, it’s time to start thinking more heavily on the user experience of your mobile site.  Continuing to neglect it only means a continued lost opportunity of social shares, leads and sales.

Want a personalized review of your mobile site to get suggestions for improving design and conversion rates?   Email me at ben@benphilabaum.com for info.

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