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Sell more software by partnering with info products.. and vice versa

If you’re a founder of a bootstrapped or small software company, chances are you loath information products and the people who sell them.

“Like a lot of programmers, I used to view marketing and sales as something that was scummy and below me. – Quote from Marketing for Developers

Because of a few bad apples, info products tend to all get lumped together as ‘spammy’ and ‘sleazy’ (especially in the eyes of many developers and many in the Hacker News crowd).

But most info products deliver a huge amount of value to their customers and help them.  So it’s sad to see them looked down upon by the software world and ignored when their is actually a huge opportunity for partnerships between software companies and information products.

Moz + eCommerce Fuel

I recently stumbled upon eCommerce Fuel and Andre Youderian’s course “The Insider’s Guide to Building an Online Store.”  It’s a $600 online course which teaches you how to get started in eCommerce and grow your new business.

It’s a pretty standard sales page as you scroll down, but what really caught my eye was this part where it says that if you purchase the course you’ll get 3 months of SEOmoz Pro included.


moz and ecommercefuel

I’m not sure who initiated this deal but it is a huge win-win for both sides.

Moz gets access to a group of buyers not freebie seekers – at no cost to them.  They’re able to get access to a group of people who are likely to purchase their product and are able to get it into their hands at no cost to the company.

I don’t have numbers on how many people from this group convert from the free trial to a paid membership – but even if its a small fraction it’s still worth it to Moz since they aren’t paying for this traffic. And eCommerce Fuel gets a huge bonus value add to their course which sweetens the deal for potential customers and ultimately helps convert more visitors to buyers.

What does this mean for you?

If you have a software company, you should be looking for info products that cater to an audience similar to yours – and reach out to them and offer an extended trial just for their customers.

If you have an info product, you can research software and tools that will help your customers and reach out to them to strike a deal where you can offer their product to your audience so that your product is even more valuable and converts higher.

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