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The 80/20 Guide to Advertising Your Book or Product on Facebook

Book-funnelPerry Marshall is a Google Adwords expert and a marketing genius that I’ve been loosely following for a few years.

He recently came out with a new book about utilizing the 80/20 principle in your sales, marketing and business in order to get more productive work done in less time and see greater results with less effort.

When I saw Perry’s book available on Amazon, I dropped it into my wishlist so that I would remember to order it when I was ready for my next book.

A couple of weeks later though, I saw a really interesting Facebook ad from Perry promoting the book for just 1 cent.

What followed was a very high level sales funnel that I want to break down for you so that you can apply it to your book or business.

Amazon vs selling on your own site

First off – why would he want to sell his book for 1 penny (and a few bucks for shipping) instead of the $16 it is going for on Amazon?

Simple, when he sells a book on Amazon he makes more money up front – but he doesn’t get any information about his customer and has no way to follow up with them – unless they take action and opt in to his email list while reading the book.

When he sells the book on his own site for much less, he is given his customers contact information and can put them through a more sophisticated sales funnel and offer valuable upsells.

He probably breaks even or loses money selling the book himself, but makes it up on the back end.

Breaking down Perry’s Facebook funnel


So let’s take a look at how he hooked me to buy his book and the funnel he takes you through.

This is an example of the Facebook newsfeed ad I originally saw. It has a picture of Perry because it builds more trust and the people seeing this ad probably already know who Perry is. Secondly it has a great but simple image of the book pointing to the penny. I don’t even have to read the copy below to understand the offer.

Facebook ad to Landing page


After I clicked the Facebook ad, I was taken to this landing page. Again he has an image of the book cover and the penny which re-enforces what I just clicked on.

What makes this an effective landing page?

  • A strong headline
  • An engaging video
  • Most importantly: A VERY compelling offer.  

You have to enter your email and name in order to even get to the order page. If you don’t complete the order, you  get an email follow up from Perry reminding you to do so.  So even if someone enters their information and gets to the order form and decides to not complete the purchase, they’re already on his list.

Landing page to Order Page


After you optin, you’re taken to the order page. Again we see the price is 1 penny + shipping. Paying $5 for shipping wasn’t a big deal to me because I was still getting it for way less than I could on Amazon.

He limits the amount of people getting to this page and not completing the order by adding quotes and testimonials on the right hand side from people who is audience respects.


The really interesting thing he does here is present two up-sell offers that you can add to your order with a click. He adds urgency with the ‘Today only’ availability and re-enforcing that the products are usually more expensive but are available for much less with your book order.  You just can’t do this kind of thing on Amazon.

If you’re selling a book or low priced product, hopefully you have a higher end, more expensive offering as well.  This is a good opportunity to introduce those options.

 Landing page to Confirmation page

I ignored the up-sells though since I just wanted the book. After I submitted my order I was sent to this video sales letter offering access to another product – his mastermind membership.

This is a high ticket product at $500. This is presented directly after the book is purchased because there is no better time to present an offer like this.

Think about it.

Someone has just taken out their credit card and purchased one of your products. They’re primed to buy and obviously interested in what you have to offer.

Nothing beats having a list of buyers

Obviously the majority of people are going to ignore these other offers and just purchase the book. But what is most important is that Perry now has a list of buyers. People who have taken out their credit card and purchased something directly from him.

This is a group that is FAR more likely to make another purchase.

This list is infinitely more valuable than a list 10x bigger but only comprised of people who’ve opted in for a free ebook or tool.

What this means for you..

If you have your book for sale on Amazon, don’t think that you need to take it down and only sell it on your own site. The organic traffic you’ll get from Amazon as well as the reviews make it extremely important for you to be seen there.

But with a few hours of setting up your own shopping cart and creating an ad campaign you can start creating your own list of proven buyers and reaching more potential customers.

You don’t even need to get fancy with the up-sell offers. Don’t over analyze it. Just keep it simple sell your own book on your own site, collect your customers contact info, and regularly keep in touch with them and occasionally offer them other valuable products.

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