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Google Forms Goal Check-in

I’ve seen lots of people using Google Forms as a way to make surveys, screen job applicants and check in with their team.  Basically everybody creates forms in order to have other people fill them out.

But for the past few months, I’ve been using google forms mostly as a way to check-in with myself and make sure that I stay focused on my goals and make progress towards them.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Make a Google Form by going to drive.google.com then hitting the ‘Create’ button, then selecting ‘Form’
  2. Make a form that outlines my goals in the description and has 1 question: What did you do today to get closer to accomplishing your goals?
  3. Go to http://ifttt.com and set it up so that at 9pm every day I AUTOMAGICALLY get an email from myself that says ‘Daily Goal Check-in’. Do this by choosing ‘Create a Recipe’, selecting the ‘Time and Date’ option then selecting the ‘Gmail’ option and set it to send yourself an email with the Google Form link at the same time every day.  This step is essential so that you actually remember to fill out your form.
  4. Every night when I get the email, I click on the google form link and take 3 minutes to write up what I did that today to get closer to my goals. If I didn’t do anything then I write ‘Nothing’ (which makes me feel like shit so that the next day I want to be sure I have something good to write!)

This is awesome because it constantly reminds me to stay focused on my goals and holds me ACCOUNTABLE to making progress. Then I also have a daily record of what I did so it’s pretty fun to look back at.


A/B testing is an easy way to make decisions and more mulaaa!

One of my recent odd obsessions is A/B testing.  This involves running two images, ads, headlines etc. against each other and seeing which performs the best.

A/B testing is freaking awesome because it can help you find which Facebook ad gets the most clicks, which headline on your homepage causes more users to sign up, or even what price level is the most profitable for your product or service. I love the idea that tiny changes can have huge results.

Why bother with A/B tests?

Normally, final design and copy is chosen by your client or the most senior person on the project.  But there is no reason to rely on their opinion when you can make a decision with easily available data and information.

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One of my favorite business stories (how lame does that sound) is the story of Levi Strauss.

And how during the gold rush of the 1850’s, while everyone was busy looking for gold, he was busy selling them pants.

And other smart people were selling the miners shovels, pales etc.

The people who made the real money during the gold rush weren’t the people searching for gold.  They were the people like Levi who sold the tools to the miners (with the very rare exception).

So that had me thinking…

What is the gold rush of our time?

And how can you sell them shovels (or a nice pair of slacks)?

Here’s what I came up with from a quick brainstorm….

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I’ve noticed a lot of people making this mistake lately (including myself)…

You know when you want something really, really badly?

So bad you’re SURE that the rest of the world knows exactly what you want.  Because, how could they not?

It’s obvious to you what you want, so it should be obvious to them as well.

Your body language and hinting has been a dead giveaway.

You’re doing everything you possibly could.  Anything else would be to forward and awkward, right?


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Yesterday, Facebook unveiled Timeline for brand pages.

Like most Facebook redesigns it made a lot of people happy and a lot of people really pissed.

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bar marketingThere’s a bar down the street from me that is trying to brand itself as a ‘speak easy’ of sorts. It’s located in a sparsely lit back alley and claims to require a password for entrance.  (There’s a surprising lack of hipsters)

So how do you get this secret password?

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I’m currently reading Tested Advertising Methods which has gotten me thinking more about the idea of testing.

One thing I learned from my last startup is that you have to test your assumptions.

Because most of the time they’ll be wrong.

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Have you ever been in love?

I’ve been obsessed with Chipotle and their truck sized burritos for a couple of years but let me tell you – yesterday sealed the deal.

So just what happened that solidified my man crush on a pile of rice?

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White House Landing Page

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Here’s something you need to come to grips with…

The majority of people who visit your site will never, ever come back.

Maybe they find you through a search or a link on Twitter and they’ll stay for a few minutes, only to wander off to waste their time somewhere else.

Don’t get all depressed just yet, because you can pull some of these visitors back to your site by capturing their email address.

Why would you want to do that?

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