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The Non-Designers Guide to Creating an App Icon

My crappy icon

My crappy icon

It’s been a year since I released my first app, Photo Date.  It’s a really simple app and I’ve always been content with it, except for one thing – the icon.

It’s pretty horrible in my opinion.  But I was in such a rush to launch the app that I just approved the first version the designer sent over.

It’s always been one of those small, stupid things that have annoyed me that I was to lazy to do anything about.

While creating the content for my ‘Make Your First App’ course, I recorded a section on how to find somebody on Fiverr.com to make your app icon for you for 5 bucks.

I was about to follow this process to have a new icon made – but for some reason thought, “It would be fun to see if I can design one myself!”

Now I’m not a designer by any means. I only have a beginners understanding of Photoshop from editing photos.  I don’t even own a copy of Photoshop.. I just used the 30 day trial for this.

I discovered though that you don’t need to be a full-fledged designer to create a basic but decent looking icon.

Here’s a screencast I recorded that walks you through my process:

You’ll need a few things:

1. A trial version of Photoshop: Get it at adobe.com/photoshop

2. This Photoshop icon template: http://appicontemplate.com/ios7 (Hat tip to Nathan Barry for this one)

3. A free account at thenounproject.com

Want more?

I’m getting ready to publish a new course focused on helping you launch your first app.

I’ll walk you through exactly how I launched my first app without spending 100s of hours learning to code and with an extremely small budget ($250) – and then the simple marketing strategies I used to grow it to 80,000+ downloads and profitability.

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