Your First App: How to create an app in a month for $250 with no coding skills – and make passive revenue

My first app live on the app store!

In February 2013 I had:

  • No good idea for an app
  • Absolutely no knowledge of iOS programming languages
  • Very little money to hire somebody

In the end I was able to ship an app within a few weeks and for a total of only $250.

I want to walk you through the process I took so that you can launch your own app.

Not one that you can sell for 7 figures or bring in $10k in passive revenue, but something that you can make super fast and cheap that will up your market value, help you get raises, promotions and maybe bring in a couple hundred bucks extra a month.

In a few weeks you could have your very own app.  The best time to make an app was 5 years ago, the second best time is today.

If not now, when?

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Part 1: How to break through your mental barriers and find and validate the right idea

Part 2: How to create mockups that a developer will understand

Part 3: Finding a developer without flushing your money down the toilet

Part 4: Monetization