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Make an app to boost your career not your bank account

A few months ago I launched my first app.  I don’t know how to program and was able to hire somebody to code it for me for a grand total of $250.

It gets about 10,000 downloads a month and generates around $75/month from ad revenue.

And I don’t expect this amount to increase much, if at all.  (Actually iOS 7 has made my app pretty much obsolete)

BUT this app will be worth tens of thousands to me over the next few years.



  • increasing my market value
  • giving me more leverage in salary negotiations
  • beefing up my resume and portfolio
  • helping me avoid mistakes on future software projects with larger budgets and much more at risk

If you work in interactive or tech, having an app is not only highly relevant to your career but is a huge differentiator between you and everyone else.

Even if you are in San Francisco where everybody works at a software or app company – very few people have made an app on their own.

So why is making an app worth your while even if you don’t sell it for gobs of money?

  1. Making something on the side shows you have initiative.  Every company you want to work for values this in their people.
  2. Mobile isn’t where things are headed, it’s where they already are.  Everyone knows this, so I want rattle off any stats here.
  3. It will help you develop a very desirable skill set – Not just technical skills but management skills.
  4. Anybody can make a website, it’s much more complicated to make an app – a.k.a. instant differentiation.

Let everybody else quit their jobs and rack up credit card debt trying to make a photo filter app that they can sell for $30 million.  99% will fail.

If you don’t have any app programming knowledge but want to make your first app, check out my free tutorial here.

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  • Kent

    I couldn’t agree more with this article Ben. I am now interested in showing more of my initiative and seeing if I can create a worthwhile app.

    Thanks Man!

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