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How to get (most) anything you want

I’ve noticed a lot of people making this mistake lately (including myself)…

You know when you want something really, really badly?

So bad you’re SURE that the rest of the world knows exactly what you want.  Because, how could they not?

It’s obvious to you what you want, so it should be obvious to them as well.

Your body language and hinting has been a dead giveaway.

You’re doing everything you possibly could.  Anything else would be to forward and awkward, right?


People have absolutely no freaking clue what you want.

And in most cases they aren’t going to expend the emotional energy to try and figure it out.

Don’t believe me? – How often do you spend time thinking about what other people want?

The trick is then, if you want something, you just have to ask.

Want to work on a different project? 

Your boss isn’t going to just figure this out and one day assign you.  You have to tell them what you want.

Want to go on a date with that girl?

Have fun waiting for her to ask you out.

Want to close the sale?

It’s never going to happen if you don’t ask.

Want to partner with that other company?

Of course, everybody wants to work with them – they should know you want to partner up right?

Wrong, you have to tell them.

If you go through life assuming people know what you want and wait for them to give it to you, you’re going to find that the world doesn’t read your mind and deliver everything you wish.  But sometimes it’s as easy as asking.

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