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A Quick Copywriting Hack to Get More Intimate with the Reader

My Mom always likes to say that “to assume makes an ass out of you and me.” My Mom also always likes to be right.  In this post I’m going to suggest you listen to marketing consultant Jay Abraham instead of my Mother which is sure to bring me some grief.

In copywriting I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t like to assume things about their readers.  They start out with lots of questions like “Would you like your business to double this year?” “Are you worried how the economy will effect your industry?” or “Would you like to learn to train your dog to stop peeing on the carpet?”

I fall into the habit of starting out my writing with questions all of the time.

Conventional wisdom is that the right questions qualify the right prospects, weed out the wrong ones and helps you connect with the reader.

I thought it was a pretty good route to go.

Recently though I was reading something by Jay  where he suggested to take an assumptive approach versus a question.

Most people start out with “Do you want to learn how to double your business in 1 year?”

But we forget that the people we want to respond are obviously already interested, so he recommends taking a more intimate position and saying “I know you have big goals for your business and that you aren’t satisfied where things are now.  I know you want to increase sales significantly, maybe even double in the next year…”

If you do it right it can lead to the reader feeling more understood and feeling a closer connection to you which of course leads to them being more inclined to buy.

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