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30 Day Challenge: Email 1 new person a day

I was talking to my dad on the phone last night about my idea for this post and how I had no idea how to start it.

He said I should start it with a story.

I told him I didn’t have a story.

So he told me about a time that he flew to California on a business trip.  There was this guy, Dr. Ivan Misner, who he had been keeping tabs on for years. Dr. Misner just happened to live near San Diego.

Ivan is an author and the founder of BNI, a business networking organization with hundreds of thousands of members.

He had never met the guy, or spoke with him before,  but he knew about his organization and really respected what he was doing.

So he thought to himself, just for the hell of it that he would email him.  He has absolutely nothing to lose, and it could potentially open an otherwise closed door.

And Ivan replied back and told him to come by his house to continue their conversation.

So my dad went, they talked for hours, and if he had never tried he never would have wound up in his living room that night.

Sporadic to Consistent

It is easier than ever to get to know new people and connections – but very few people make a consistent effort to do so.

I’ve randomly emailed interesting people in the past which has led to interesting conversations with Noah Kagan – Chief Sumo at App Sumo, Scott Harrison – Founder of Charity:Water, Rob Kelly – CEO of Ongig and a VP at Activision.

But my attempts to reach out have been really sporadic and I’ve only done a handful over the past year.

Emailing 1 new person a day

So based off my last post, I’ve decided to take my own advice and for the next 30 days will be emailing one new person every day.

Why do this?

Don’t people hate when strangers email them?

I’m giving it a try because I want to get to know and learn from interesting people.

We often complain how opportunities don’t come to us because we aren’t connected to the right people. Well, instead of complaining how you don’t have any valuable connections – instead you can make the daily effort to reach out to someone new and ask for advice, give them advice, provide a recommendation or just thank them.

Imagine how fast and large your network will grow if you do this right and don’t shotgun out the same template email.

For those who are afraid to email people because you think you will be annoying them, you are underestimating how much people want to help others.  Ivan was super successful and didn’t know my Dad from Adam, but he still invited him to his house to chat.

Who will I be emailing?

I have a small initial list and will be adding to it throughout the month.  If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Join me in the challenge?

If you want to take this 30 day challenge with me, let me know in the comments.

Who should you email?

If you aren’t sure who to reach out to here are some ideas to identify people:

  • Every day you probably read lots of blogs.  Find one that you really liked and email the author to let them know.  Or find a post you don’t agree with or have a counter view on and respectively email the writer about it.
  • Email authors of interesting books.  Don’t just email widely well known authors.
  • Email entrepreneurs you respect
  • Email a customer you’ve never spoken with
  • Email one of your email subscribers personally
  • Email somebody who works at a company you admire
  • Email somebody who lives in a city you are visiting and ask to meetup or just for recommendations on places to go

Check back throughout the month or just sign up below and I’ll share my progress, methods that generate the highest response and the email scripts I use to reach out to people.


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  • Hi,

    I’m leaving a comment here because I couldn’t leave a comment on a thread that had comments closed, this one: http://benphilabaum.com/how-i-made-my-first-app-in-3-weeks-for-250-with-no-coding-skills/

    I’d like you to put me in touch with the dev you used, if you wouldn’t mind doing so, like you offered to in your post. I was so inspired by your story, I’m trying to do the same thing.

    Sorry for hijacking this post’s comments, I don’t know how else to contact you.

  • Started this a few days ago, and just saw this.

    I’m definitely signing up.

  • tom

    This is a very time-consuming process and finding an actual email address is difficult since people try to hide them from spam bots. I’ve actually outsourced this process to a virtual assistant but I’ll send the emails myself.

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