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2 years for the iPhone to do ‘Cut and Paste’

It took 2 years for the iPhone to get the ability to ‘cut and paste.’ The point is that you can always add features and functionality later – the most important thing is to get your work in front of your customers or audience asap.

My app has 45 reviews, all but 2 of them are 5 stars.

But the app is super ghetto. You can’t even view horizontal photos, it just crops in on them. Scrolling between photos isnt smooth. You can’t view videos at all. It doesn’t work on iPad.

I could have spent a few more months making it absolutely perfect, but chances are other changes and delays would have come up and it would be 6 months later and I still wouldn’t have shipped anything.


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  • Great post Ben!

    Do you intend to spend time to improve your existing app though or you will jump to developing new one taking all the experience from the first app development?

    • Ben

      Thanks Yury! I’ve done a few minor updates but don’t intend to spend to much more time or money into development unless it ‘takes off.’ It was more of a learning experience for the next project

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